We define a campaign, or more precisely, a unified campaign, as containing three or more executions, utilizing the same or different media, but with a common theme. The common theme can be a visual, like the Energy Hog, a catch phrase, like “Got Milk?”, a design schema, like the iPod silhouettes, or a conceptual idea, like Taco Bueno’s “Buenoheads.” The beauty of a campaign from a marketing standpoint is its ability to focus spending, grow exponentially, along with the potential to weave its way into the fabric of pop culture. ┬áIn this way a campaign can evolve into a brand equity–a valuable asset to be inventoried along with an organization’s holdings, key staff and market reputation.


“Buenoheads” Campaign

“Energy Hogs” Campaign

“Aruba Networks” Campaign

7-Eleven “Halo” Campaign