Buenoheads Campaign

The late, great Bill Bernbach once said, “I’ve got a great gimmick–let’s tell the truth.” In this case, the truth was, letters and email to Taco Bueno, a regional fast food chain, revealed a huge throng of passionate evangelists, owing to the use of cooked-fresh and fresh, non-processed ingredients. Consider the lady that drove over 200 miles in a February blizzard to the nearest store, because her valentine was pining for their tacos. Or the 50+ people that camped out all night for the opening of the first store in their area. Stories like that led to this widely popular campaign, which contributed greatly to over three years of 7% same store sales growth. We just gave these proselytizers a name, “Buenoheads,” and the campaign took on a life–and fans–of its own.