Byline from the Battle of the Brands

In today’s uber-cluttered marketplace, with websites that offer generic prefab logos for $100 per lb. and online “contests” that pit hundreds of designers against one another blindly for the dubious distinction of “winning” a cheap assignment, it’s becoming more and more difficult for designers to market (and for clients to justify) original brand identity work that’s fresh and distinctive–work that’s been carefully thought through with strategic clarity and purpose. Work that truly reflects what we call “the joy of discovery.”

So it is with great pride that F&F reveals the brand identity work we have recently completed for BrandMechanics.

BrandMechanics is ¬†an affilliate account planning company with a unique and highly effective approach to help companies sort out their “Future Brand Essence” as well as many other vital marketing needs.

In the manner of the apocryphal cobbler’s children, BrandMechanics had been so busy helping other brands find their way, they were in dire need of a brand refresher themselves.

It was a pleasure working through the phases of design with them, and we hope you’ll agree the new mark and tagline reflect “the joy of discovery” that embodied the creative process.

Brand Identity and stationery completed–new website to follow shortly.